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how much butter per day

While you add back the butter, also keep your carb intake low—and that means all carbs, even healthy whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Just look it up and read it. If you’re interested in getting more fat and nutrients in a portable condensed package (other than cheese) there are a couple places online that sell pemmican bars. WHEN PEOPLE ATE BUTTER, THEY LIVED HAPPIER, HEALTHIER LIVES – No they didn’t! Or is it “all the same” in your judgment? I asked: What would you do with the ‘vast numbers’ of domestic cattle we have on hand now? You just want to post your entire screed again without its’ problematic “specifics” being challenged. Male calves are surplus to requirements in the dairy industry, so routinely destroyed. I could care less what an idiot like him/her/it thinks and I don’t care to educate the masses who’ve swallowed all the líes put out in the 20th Century. I did this experiment in Beijing. Why should people in Sweden be told they need foods they didn’t evolve on? After all, that was my actual point. You should not deny until you try. That’s the argument right there! While consuming meat and dairy has some nutritional value no question, the connection between eating too much fatty meat and dairy and the record levels of obesity, cancer, heart disease and diabetes are well documented and generally accepted as fact within the medical industry. Nice logic. Check it out…. Would that be “stressful”? They were left in the earth for millions of years under pressure and that’s where fossil fuels come from. I’ll give you a clue… if farmers didn’t “purposefully breed” animals…. I know you are stuck doing what you do and have been brought up to believe it is morally justified. If you can’t understand this, how can you lecture others on the science of “climate change”? Makes sense. Try and see the truth in this and be honest about it. How am I being unreasonable or forcing my belief on anyone? A: “Farmed animals are exploited as a resource and processed accordingly on production lines in factories.” I’m right there with ya. I wonder…do you look like the Maasai? Hmmmm…. = 21.8 lbs/ person for 4 months = 5.4 lbs/month = 64 lbs. First, reaction-time methodology. Unless you can quote me a reliable source that’s just not true? A: Between us, Badger, I think your problem is far more with Nature herself than with me. The recommended serving of almonds according to a one ounce per day system is about 23, which makes sense if you consider that three ounces of almonds would add almost 500 calories to your daily intake. I looked at what the Mongols ate. Ask questions and help others by sharing advice and knowledge about self-tracking tools and methods. Try to limit your peanut butter intake to one serving per day (two tablespoons), and make sure to count those 190 calories toward your daily caloric quota. I asked: Do you admit there is a difference between “factory farming” and humane non-factory dairying? I have never taken statins and never will. We can behave differently but still be “natural”. What constitutes”too much”? “Developed world.” Badger, would you try to “sell” the Maasai (or Mongols) on giving up their dairying cattle? There’s a solution! 4. NASA, is doodley. The Great Depression hit and then World War II, with these events causing a steep decline in butter consumption with a concurrent rise in margarine use. What a terribly bogus article. I know that’s a hard concept for you, that someone could feel unconditional compassion towards other beings, enough to stop using and abusing them. A: Why is it the longest lived people on Earth with the fewest cardiovascular problems also have the highest blood serum cholesterol? So you have at it: Knock your nasty cholesterol down to zero. First I must respond: on April 2nd, you wrote: “Let’s also not forget that billions of people around the world are in fact lactose intolerant and cannot consume milk into adulthood without feeling ill.”. Put butter on toast. However, I use plant-based milks thanks for asking Alvin; simple, delicious, nutritious and 100% cruelty free. Not for me of course since I’m an “unnatural” milk-drinking, non-poop eating toilet-flusher. Ask questions and share knowledge with the QS community. If someone is allergic to peanuts… don’t force them to eat peanuts. Consider this Alvin; if a man murdered another man could he argue in court, for a lesser sentence, that he slaughtered his victim in a more ‘humane’ way than another murderer? That use of “denier!” immediately throws a red flag up that these pushers of an agenda can’t support their theory any other way. Thousands of scientists are frantically working on climate change as we speak, and the data shows animal farming is a very real part of the problem. But how much butter can you eat? Just keep yer damn paws off my meat and milk providers. I grew up schooled in the same belief: If you go without Vitamin C in your diet you will die of scurvy- whether you’re on a boat at sea or not. B: There is not enough land on earth to meet the meat and dairy demands without factory farms – research it… All farmed animals die brutal deaths in slaughterhouses regardless of where they come from, so in that sense, yes, they are the same. A valid concern- I can confidently say that today’s dairy cow lives a better life than any time in history. I see what people are doing when they use the word ‘humane’ and I don’t buy it. But then I probably spend far, far less than you on soybeans, wheat, rice, corn or any other grains, cultivated fruits or vegetables, “seitan” or any factory-processed and produced Frankensteinian combination of the above. Do you deny that too much LDL cholesterol is bad? For butter, I consume about 4-5 tablespoons per day. Show me some ‘credible’ scientific medical research which says that was a good idea and should be encouraged. Look Alvin, just research it. Well, whatever. This comes to over 45 pounds a year. This isn’t just the case for whole nuts, it remains true for almond flour and almond butter as well. The French have among the highest consumption of dietary fat: red meat, cheese, butter…. You’re just posting your personal views. I swear by thee I forswear!! Modern, humane slaughtering is far, far less cruel and brutal compared to what happens in “nature”. These nuts are rich in selenium, and when you take too much of it, it could make the hair and nails brittle. Find your local QS Meetup, learn how to start your own QS group, and register for our annual conference. I don’t push for any traditional societies that don’t eat red meat or dairy to start now. The food we avoided was the food essential to good nutrition. But if calling me an “idiot” somehow makes you feel big, you go for it. Ghee, also known as clarified butter or anhydrous milk fat, is prepared by heating butter or cream to just over 100°C to remove water content by boiling and evaporation. But regarding cows and grass and “greenhouse gases”, I found this response someone wrote on this issue: “Do you understand that the CO2 that is released from “burping herbivores” comes from the process of the sugars in the plant material breaking down? Pretending otherwise is foolish. I fervently suggest you ask your doctor to start you on statins ASAP. B: So, let me get this right… as long as the millions of male calves who are bred deliberately, only to find themselves surplus to requirements, are murdered in a ‘humane’ way, that’s all good with you. Have another read and think about what I said. I am sure you make a hansom living exploiting animals and your website helps tell you customers all’s good, nice one. To fertilize the soil? Or beneficial bacteria die-off? Even though butter is a natural food made from cow’s milk, it is 80% milk fat. edit: … surf or ski or fly aerobatics I have more endurance than a teenager. Find some good tips for newcomers on our “Get Started” page. Good luck Badger. of butter per year. Butter has always been a staple in the American diet. behind where their food comes from? There is probably no diet that is the holy grail, but eating what our ancestors ate is probably going to be a safe bet for us. I want to also comment on an earlier exchange about Vitamin C between you and Dairy guy. https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/dietary-fat-and-disease/, A: “How else are people meant to make an informed choice otherwise, [I agree…] unless they know the truth [yours? If I ask you, “Do you deny that too much water is bad?” what would your answer be? Sit and ponder this for a moment and see if a solution comes to you. Consuming dairy products may or may not have health benefits, but one thing’s for sure, it is massively unhealthy for the dairy cows that are forced to produce milk for their greedy human owners. Comparing the 30 g/day results with the combination of earlier and later 60 g/day results, t = 3, p = 0.006. After comparing four major butter brands, we determined that on average there are 80 mg of sodium per 10 g serving. I’ll give you a clue… if farmers didn’t “purposefully breed” animals….”. And the reverse is true for those with the lowest? Anonymous: These no such thing as too much butter, lol! I have rescued dogs, cats (and I don’t just mean taken them in for the night, I mean like off of the middle of a busy highway), I have fed and raised baby birds and set them free to fly away when they were ready. How charming of you to do so, but I suspect he is more than capable of speaking for himself. If you use a couple tbsp of butter and couple tbsp of oil, that’s a good 400 calories. (31)”, So, “similar rates of breast cancer in women eating a low-fat diet and in those eating a “regular” diet. Join national, international, and local QS events. Have you ever … B: Some evidence to back this up would have been useful, rather than just thinking something that simply ‘occurs’ to you has any credibility? It’s a shame you cannot grasp what I am saying when I write things down. com. “So, sorry to interrupt your mutual appreciation Alvin and DG, but I think it is crucial that truths are heard and a sense of balance maintained in this important debate.”. of butter per year was not unreasonable. Check out what NASA says if that’s credible enough for you. I’m gonna do my best here because going over and over stuff with someone who is not prepared to entertain reason, is frustrating. Your word? And since bacteria and animals have evolved to be able to eat trees, we’re never going to have all that CO2 packed away buried in the Earth again.”. THC (or CBD if you have the lab tests) are in each serving of your finished edibles. That isn’t clarified. I’ve seen several documentaries from PBS’s “NATURE” and seen what happens on the African Savanna or in Yellowstone. This one’s in the bag and I’m far better off health-wise now than when I was consuming plant matter. For now, Badger, I don’t expect you to change or entertain a fresh thought or use the gray matter you have left after a long period of drinking nut-“milks”. (28, 29) This thinking was largely based on international comparisons showing higher breast cancer rates in countries with higher per capita fat intake. I asked: Do you deny the importance and role of cholesterol in the body? Yes you’re right, nature is a harsh place- a cow can live to that age on the farm but not in the wild. People at more butter and dairy products in the past and had healthy lives. As for animals mating in the wild as oppose to being forcefully inseminated in captivity, yep, that would seem pretty NATURAL to me. A: “Dairy cows live vastly shorted lives…” Compared to what? When looking at how much peanut butter is too much, you need to also look at the health risks involved with over-indulgence. The only cattle surviving this scenario will be the ones you’ve set “free” on the Serengeti (or wherever you’ve decided…) where they will then have to fend for themselves among new “neighbors” with Nature dictating their future. B: The ignorance displayed by your unintelligent reply is impressive. Sorry, that’s a very strange and slightly disturbing thing to say. But as more prospective studies and randomized controlled trials were performed over the next couple of decades, the apparent link between total fat intake and breast cancer has faded.”.

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