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berserker vs saber heaven's feel

Shirou makes her reluctantly stay home to recover, while heading to school to inform Rin of the events at the temple. Lancer attempts to escape, but is killed, his heart destroyed by True Assassin's Noble Phantasm, Zabaniya. Sakura arrives, and enthusiastically helps him prepare the dish for lunch instead. Shirou and Rin head to the school, with Shirou confronting Shinji alone while Rin waits in hiding for her opportunity. Rin expresses indifference to Sakura's misery, enraging Sakura. Two years later, Rin returns to Fuyuki from London for her yearly homecoming. No longer interested in being enemies with Shirou, Rin also tells him that a Servant resides in the Ryuudou Temple, and is the cause of the recent coma incidents in the city. hide. Rider and Saber Alter clash, with Rider slowly losing against Saber Alter's apparently inexhaustible power. I didn't play the game but as I recalled from going to watch the heaven's feel playthrough in youtube I think that the EMIYA-like Shirou scene exists in the game, at least in the normal play through of the story (i.e. Despite their final motives being at cross purposes, Shirou and Kirei choose to trust each other, sharing a common goal of saving Illya and freeing Sakura from Zouken. Rider vanishes quickly after defeating True Assassin instead of discussing with Shirou why she saved him and asking to escort him home. Rin finds Sakura gone, with Rider pretending to sleep in her place. Given a body and driven wild by Sakura's unconscious emotions, it is indiscriminately consuming innocents to survive, becoming stronger by the day. Aware that Sakura has days to live, Shirou resolves to have Sakura win the War and use the Holy Grail to save her. Kirei is confronted by Sakura, now merged with her Shadow to become Dark Sakura. He decides to try and ally with Illya, warning her of the abnormal events of the War and hopefully receive her and Berserker's help against Zouken. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Despite Sakura's guilt and regrets, Shirou embraces her regardless, vowing to become a Hero of Justice for Sakura's sake. After school, Rin takes Shirou to the Tohsaka household to train him in magic. Mourning the loss of Saber, Shirou thanks Rider before leaving for home. Needing a weapon against Zouken, Rin and Illya head to the Tohsaka household to open the keepsake of the Tohsaka family's mentor, Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, intending to use the Emiya household as their base. As night falls, he makes his decision, and goes to mercifully kill Sakura in her sleep. He fights him throughout the city before reaching Ryuudou Temple. 160. Shirou mentions his curiosity of Illya, and Saber reveals she knows of the Einzbern family, and directs him to the Kotomine Church to learn more. La pelea mejor animada del año pasado, aunque no la mejor dirijida. Zouken allows it, but to subtly motivate his experiment, he quietly plants a seed of negativity, making a casual comment that Rin Tohsaka will probably emerge victorious. After his work, and glimpsing Rin Tohsaka in Shinto, Shirou heads to the Matou household to check on Sakura. Illya confronts Sakura, noticing the powerful soul she had consumed, making her power sufficient despite having only consumed four Servants. With Sakura freed, Rin arrives with Archer, mortally wounding Rider. She explains the origins of the Servant within it, Avenger: the evil Anti-Hero Servant summoned by the Einzberns during the Third Holy Grail War - with the identity of Angra Mainyu, the devil of Zoroastrianism, waiting years within the Greater Grail to be born. Shirou realises that Illya is Kiritsugu's true daughter and his sister, but keeps this silent. However, moments before she does, Rin hugs Sakura instead, unable to go through with killing her. Shirou asks Sakura to let Illya to stay after the War's end, despite Illya's resentment of Sakura, which Sakura allows. No longer a colorless wish-granting relic, it is filled with curses and can only grant wishes by destruction and slaughter - the true cause of the Fuyuki fire in the previous War. Zouken Matou is the main antagonist of Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel route, he is the grandfather of Shinji and Sakura Matou and a villain from the Fate series. He explains that the Shadow is the contents of the Holy Grail that have leaked into the physical world, due to Sakura being an imperfect vessel and unable to completely shut the gate of the Grail. Shirou, Saber, and Rin do not go to Shirou's house to heal his injuries from Berserker, instead resting him on a park bench. He moves further into the cave, leaving the wounded Rider behind to heal. Sakura, regretful and wishing to prevent more disaster, resolves to stop Zouken herself. Lost Butterfly. Heaven's Feel. Illya, however, agrees to come along with Sakura in exchange for her allowing the others to go free, on the condition that they be allowed to stop at the Einzbern Castle first to retrieve the Dress of Heaven required for the ritual. There is constantly something happening, twists actually in goddamn fate and people die. Hateful of Zouken, Kirei explains that Zouken is in fact an old magus, hundreds of years old, who uses insects as familiars to transfigure his body and sucks blood to maintain his youth. The trilogy adapts Heaven's Feel, the third and final route of the Fate/stay night visual novel. This Craft Essence works in favor for NP that deal multiple damage like caster servants, or those that do single-target damage especially to boss type enemies such as Berserker class servants. Conflicted, knowing his tendencies were morally wrong, he had unsuccessfully tried to find happiness in doing good, and sought an answer for his own defective existence. Disappointed, Rin leaves, warning Shirou that they will be enemies when they next meet. 99% Upvoted. Shirou is ready to remove the Shroud, but Rin will not allow him, only loosening it to slowly gain Archer's experience and projecting onto a blueprint. Shirou is nearly overwhelmed by Archer's arm in his sleep, nearly taking off the Shroud, but is woken and saved by Illya. Shortly after, Rider appears, and makes an attempt to kill Shirou; with her order not to harm Shirou and her mission to protect Sakura in conflict, she has decided to prioritize Sakura. Settings. In bed, Shirou slightly loosens the Shroud, and is almost consumed by Archer's arm before retying it. Rin takes Shirou and Saber to Kirei Kotomine at Kotomine Church to learn the rules of the Holy Grail War, where Shirou agrees to participate as a Master to prevent a disaster from occurring. Her duty complete, Saber Alter spares them, returning to the Shadow. Shirou leaves, searching the city, and eventually finds Sakura first. Although not a requirement, those that have a high Arts Card count are most suitable. Kirei explains that Zouken had not told Shirou the whole truth: he reveals that the Holy Grail was corrupted by an outside force, tainting its contents. Shirou promises to continue meeting Illya, to her delight. Before Shirou leaves, Kirei informs him only that Sakura has mere days to live, no matter what. Getting close, Rin detonates the Jeweled Sword to destroy all of Sakura's Shadows, and prepares to kill her. Archer warns Shirou of the consequences of his choice after Shirou chooses to abandon his ideal to protect Sakura, as opposed to before. Lancer tries to use Gáe Bolg on True Assassin. Leaving the basement, she confronts Shinji, berating him for his selfish and entitled desire to become a Master, making him inferior to Shirou. Shirou returns home to find Saber and Sakura angered by his absence, and is made to train with Saber as punishment. By implanting shards of the destroyed Grail from the previous War into Sakura's body, Sakura was made a Grail vessel as Zouken's experiment, meant to be cultivated and used in a later War. Seeing that he cried at her death, she believed it to be true, but in actuality he had wished to kill her himself. Rin prepares to train Shirou's Magic Circuit, but halts after learning Sakura is sick at Shirou's house. His actual name is Heracles, the greatest hero of Greek mythology. However, Lancer is lured into an ambush, and is attacked by a mysterious Shadow hiding in the lake. Kiritsugu, having seen it living within the Grail, chose to cast aside his wish and destroy it to prevent its birth. Shirou arrives in the cavern, his body slowly being healed and filled with swords as Archer's Reality Marble invades him further. The woman Rider is drinking blood from is Ayako Mitsuzuri. Kirei admits he had kept Sakura alive to become the Master of the entity in the Grail, Avenger - Angra Mainyu. Shirou accepts, and heads to the Matou household, meeting with Zouken. Zouken and True Assassin watch them from afar. However, his way is barred by his final enemy: Kirei Kotomine, with mere minutes to live after the destruction of his heart. However, they are attacked by True Assassin, and Saber separates Shirou from her to protect him. Sakura suffers another "nightmare," where the Shadow continues to rampage in the night. This thread is archived. Shirou and Illya begin to bond in the park after Saber is consumed by the Shadow, as opposed to before. spoiler. Heaven's Feel. He sees a vision of Archer standing ahead of him, as he is engulfed by the wind. The interaction where Shirou and company tries to save Sakura is in the school's library instead of the hallway. Berserker's fight with Saber Alter lasts significantly longer. Rin lets them go, but declares their temporary alliance annulled. Sakura recalls the first day of the War, where she met with Zouken. He assures Shirou that Sakura is uninvolved, and that they have been eliminated from the War, before disappearing. Shirou, Saber, and Rin immediately encounter Illya and Berserker after leaving the Church, as opposed to in Miyama. Film & Animation Shirou is adamant about saving her life, and Rin relents, promising to not kill her as long as he tries to save her. Shirou Emiya has started to realize that his friend Sakura is growing into a beautiful woman, and he starts to feel attracted to her. She attempts to flee, but is cornered, and mutilated by Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasms. Reluctantly satisfied with his answer, Rider agrees to form an alliance with him as her temporary Master, and they form a strategy to defeat Saber Alter. Saber finishes off the crazed Caster, and they leave to get Kirei's assistance tending to the innocent monks, but not before Shirou notices a strange presence watching them. He calls the house, telling Shirou to come to the school alone and without Saber, with Rider placing a bounded field over the school to ensure it. Kirei arrives, explaining that Zouken had implanted a Crest Worm into Sakura to control her, entangling with her Magic Circuits. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 2.1 Noble Phantasms 2.2 Class Skills 2.3 Personal Skills 3 Gallery 4 Others Berserker is the Berserker-class Servant of Illyasviel von Einzbern during the Fifth Holy Grail War. I hope you guys enjoy this awesome cinematic widescreen look! She is reluctant, fearful of getting them both into trouble with her brother Shinji Matou, who does not approve of her visits to Shirou's house. best. And Shirou is handled well too where he struggles clearly over choosing his ideals or protecting Sakura...who is related to all the violent things happening. Shirou meets Zouken in the greenhouse of the Matou Manor, as opposed to in the living room. Rider's talk with Shirou about how she feels about Sakura is significantly shorter. it just feels like a gray image. His experiment appears, resolving to restrict themselves to observation in the War to avoid conflict. Shirou is warned that he will break down and die if he uses Archer's arm even once. The substance causes her to lose control of herself, activating Rider's Blood Fort to consume magical energy indiscriminately. best. They investigate the scene of the murder, but find nothing, and head home discussing Sakura. Fate Heaven's Feel ll | Saber Alter vs Berserker | Heaven's Feel II. She wakes to find her hands covered in blood, and is terrified at the sense of fun she felt during the nightmare. In return, Shirou tells Kirei of the past events, and of Zouken's involvement, which interests the priest. the red doesnt emit a lava feel, the blackness doesnt look like absolute darkness. Returning home together, they confront Rin, waiting at the Emiya household. Zouken had allowed her, but lamented that Rin would most likely emerge the victor in a passing comment, with Sakura finding herself filled with jealousy towards her sister, a seed of negativity planted within her. Shirou hurries home, realising Zouken intends to have Sakura take Illya to consume Archer's soul. They discover Sakura collapsed outside, having healed from great damage. Upcoming Ufotable F/SN: Heaven's Feel Film Thread ... someone is going to make comparison videos about deens and ufotables ubw fights like they did with hunter x hunter 1999 vs 2011.. She reveals that she is not a virgin, and has been sexually abused since young. All rights reserved. After, Shirou has a dream of Sakura that devolves into an ominous nightmare of hot coal tar. Despite being outmatched and engulfed by the Shadow, Berserker continues to fight, destroying his own body to free himself. Sort by. Realising Shirou is injured, Sakura blames Saber, who regretfully apologizes to the sleeping Shirou for not being able to protect him. Believing that a being cannot be judged as good or evil before its own birth, Kirei wishes to see Avenger born, hoping its actions may provide an answer to his own birth. Noticing several students absent, Shirou runs into Rin at lunch. As they fight, Shirou realises that the Shadow resembles Sakura. Sakura surprisingly vows to fight back against her sister, and Rin warns Shirou to take responsibility for the consequences of his decision before leaving. Shirou asks Kirei about Kiritsugu, and Kirei explains: Kiritsugu was a Master, hired by the Einzberns to bring them victory in the previous Hold Grail War, and to produce an eventual successor. Sakura heads to bed, but not before nearly collapsing again, and Shirou noticing she does not acknowledge Rin as her sister in front of her. Fullscreen. Shirou is distrustful, but Kirei assures him that, like Shirou, he has no wish, and would prefer if either Shirou or Rin obtained the Grail. Rin explains the consequences of Archer's arm to Shirou at his house, as opposed to Kirei after the transplant. Sensing an attack, they find Shinji Matou, and his Servant Rider, attacking an innocent woman for her mana in a park on Zouken's orders. Talking with Rin, she asserts that she will not hesitate to kill Sakura if she becomes a threat. Inside, they are blocked by Saber Alter, who is guarding the path to the Greater Grail. Before the True Assassin can kill him, however, Rider unexpectedly appears and defends Shirou. Shirou Emiya is woken for school by his close junior, Sakura Matou. hide. unfortunately i can't use it on my pc :( would it be possible for you to make a 1080p version? Kirei elaborates that the corruption was introduced to the Grail during the Third Holy Grail War, by an entity of evil summoned by the Einzberns. report. He is found again by Illya, unwilling to fight due to Shirou no longer being a Master. Shirou hesitates, wondering if there is another way. Rin deduces that Zouken needs them alive for an unknown purpose, and Shirou asks her assistance in defeating Zouken. When she refuses to fight in his place, he flees, but not before shattering her earring, pouring a strange substance on Sakura. Shirou rescues a distraught Illya, but is confronted by Saber Alter. She tells stories of her youth to Rin's heir, who comes to help her tend to her flowers as her student. If you have a related Youtube channel, enter the URL. The two men clash in a brutal fistfight to the death. He wakes seconds later to find the Shadow gone. Shirou either takes her to his house as a guest, or spends the day with her, taking her out shopping. Posted by 1 year ago. From here, the day proceeds as in the Fate route: True Assassin and Zouken, still alive in worm form, reunite in the Greater Grail with Sakura. Sakura apologizes to Shirou for lashing out at Saber. save. They hear about another incident in the night, with hundreds of people and multiple buildings affected - and fourteen people missing. Saber in Heaven's Feel after her corruption is basically her with Cheat Codes on. At night, Shirou and Saber head out to patrol the town for Masters. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Berserker is devoured by the Shadow, and the black Servant is revealed to be Saber, now returned as Saber Alter. The blackened Berserker soon catches up to Shirou and Illya, and they are forced to defend themselves as they flee. Zouken made Sakura form a contract with Avenger, aiming to gain control of it by eventually taking over Sakura's body, and becoming immortal. Sakura attempts to make dinner, but it becomes apparent that her condition is deteriorating, losing fine control of her body. Lost Butterfly | Saber Alter vs Berserker Blu ray 1080x1920 60f/s Audio: 379kbps Shirou notes that the sound of insects stopped as soon as Zouken left. Saber Alter only lets Rin pass at Sakura's request, and prepares to fight Shirou and Rider, who removes her blindfold to use her Mystic Eyes. The next morning, Sakura collapses from another sudden, intense fever while making breakfast. After classes end, however, Shirou heads to check on Sakura, and finds her alone in her classroom, downcast. Blinded, Berserker does not recognise Illya in his rage. share. Both Sakura and Illya are unusually aversive of each other, confusing Shirou. Shirou and Saber return home to find Sakura awake. Rin Tohsaka also appears at the beginning, and is more hostile towards Shirou than in the Fate route.After Shirou summons Saber, … Shirou begins having sudden gaps in his memory, forgetting entire chunks of the day, hours seeming to pass instantly at times. Unwilling to fight, she wished to give Rider to Shinji and to remain passive. Lost Butterfly OST. True Assassin is skeptical of Zouken's passive approach, but Zouken assures him that Illya will be able to grant his wish of becoming eternal. Zouken attacks an innocent woman with his worms, devouring and assimilating her body to regain his own. Close. Rin reveals to Shirou that Sakura is in fact her younger sister, who was sent to the Matou family eleven years before to become the Matou successor, while Rin became Tohsaka's. Meanwhile, Sakura returns to the Matou household to confront Zouken, but finds him gone. True Assassin leaves, and Kirei recalls his wife: unable to bring himself to love her, she had committed suicide to prove that he did. Shirou is angered, but Sakura stops them coming to blows, promising to obey Shinji. Caster denies having killed her own Master, but attacks Saber in her madness without revealing their assailant. At Shirou's urging, Sakura and Rin begin to acknowledge each other as sisters again, slowly beginning to bond. Resentful, Sakura is opposed to their staying, but eventually relents. Enraged, Shirou tries to attack Zouken, only to be repelled by the True Assassin. Rin reveals that she had also seen Shirou four years prior, practicing high jump alone. ), Mad Warrior and Heroic Spirit of Berserk Rage(狂戦士の英霊? On the final night, Shirou, Rin and Rider find and enter the hidden cavern leading beneath the Ryuudou Temple. They admit that they are opposite extremes of each other, two sinners with no wishes for themselves, yet seeking to free themselves, one finding bliss in the happiness of others, and the other in their unhappiness. Sakura fully transforms into Dark Sakura after Shinji is killed. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Facebook page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's Twitter page. In the visual novel, Berserker vs Saber Alter was a simple one-sided stomp because the dark side gives you infinite mana. Finally, Rin asks if Sakura is happy, to which she answers yes with a full smile. A recovered Rider appears, and escorts Rin and Sakura to safety at Shirou's request, as he prepares to destroy the Greater Grail with Excalibur to kill Avenger. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Sakura reveals the boy was a young Shirou, and it was the first time she had seen him, and had admired him from afar since then. Unaware of Shirou's use of Archer's arm, Rin gives Shirou her Azoth Sword as a blueprint. The War itself is only a front, with its true nature being a ritual to attain Heaven's Feel, the Third Magic. However, Shirou cannot bring himself to kill her, and decides to fully betray his own ideals of becoming a Hero of Justice. Kirei refuses to allow him, his goal being to allow the ritual to finish, and for Sakura to birth the Shadow's true body into the world, blessing its birth and allowing hell to be unleashed onto the world. Years pass, and Sakura grows into an old woman, living in the Emiya household, still waiting faithfully. Zouken greets him warmly at the Matou house and thanks him for being a friend to his grandchildren. Beginnings Saga Deku 9-A to Low 7-B Battle (Shirou is 0.006 Tons to 1.9 Megatons, Deku is 0.18 Tons to 3.91 Megatons) Nine Lives Blade Works and … Shirou is forced to use projection more and more, Archer's arm slowly beginning to consume his mind. Kirei believes that Zouken is the source of the abnormalities in the current War, and aims to suppress the damage caused as the War's supervisor. However, she is suddenly confronted by Gilgamesh. It can be accessed after the first two routes, Fate and Unlimited Blade Works, have been completed. They return to the church to meet Kirei, also meeting a strange blonde-haired foreigner. Shirou attempts to summon Saber, only for his Command Spell to disappear, revealing Saber's defeat. Despite Sakura, now awake, wishing for Shirou to kill her to prevent further suffering, he refuses, swearing to protect her as her Hero of Justice. The school day passes as in the other routes. However, True Assassin attacks, targeting Illya. He first appears in Heaven's Feel route. In the shed, Shirou and Sakura talk and bond over their pasts, her asking him an odd question about his opinion on being adopted. He notices a photo of her as a young girl, wearing a different, familiar ribbon, which she claims to have parted with, but does not elaborate. It is revealed that Shinji had come to the Emiya household, and kidnapped Sakura as a hostage against Shirou. Seeing Zelretch himself observing the ritual with his Jeweled Sword, Shirou uses Archer's arm to finally project the Jeweled Sword successfully, causing his mind to break down further. Rin suggests he have Sakura stay at his house, letting slip that she knows Sakura. Brushing it off, he treats Shirou warmly and asks him to remain friends with his grandchildren before leaving. Shinji attempts to convince Sakura to make him a Master again, to no avail. Saber Alter leaves immediately after defeating Berserker, as opposed to after briefly fighting Archer when she tries to kill Shirou to take Illya. Soon after, Sakura has another sudden fever. the fight is epic, highly detailed and highly hyped but the colors just arent vibrant to match up to the scope of ufotable's lighting. He attempts to use Rin's pendant to keep his mind focused using pain. While Shirou endures her assault, Rider betrays Shinji and discreetly cooperates with Shirou, throwing him into Shinji to free Sakura. She visits the Emiya household, where Rider, Taiga, Sakura and Shirou are living peacefully. He finds Sakura, her sanity returned, unable to suppress her Shadows as she attempts to stop herself. Seeing Shirou hurt, Sakura manages to take control long enough to direct her magic attacks onto herself, incapacitating her. Gilgamesh prepares to kill Sakura, but refusing to die, she suddenly consumes Gilgamesh with the Shadow before he can react - revealing her as the source and the true "master" of the Shadow. Illya bids him farewell, reminding him that they will be enemies after nightfall. Rider arrives too late, but Archer prepares to transplant his left arm to Shirou to save his life at the cost of his own. Heaven's Feel is the third and final route the player will be able to play through in Fate/stay night. At the Einzbern Castle, while Illya prepares the Dress of Heaven, Sakura continues her painful transfiguration, devastating the castle in her outbursts. , prepares her own, and considers her to be a trap, Saber Alter and unleashes Berserker now... Torn, still alive in Worm form, reunite in the visual novel are.! Filled with swords as Archer 's Reality Marble invades him further Illya home... Afar by releasing Invisible Air when night comes was unable to make a version. Alter arrives, confronting them, returning to the Emiya residence aid her between them, Shirou. Men clash in a Dress inside a dreamscape against her than either Berserker and Lancer FPS ( ). Healed and filled with swords as Archer 's arm Leysritt by transferring his vision disappear. He dies her safety evil, turning into a beautiful woman, and to! She attempts to make dinner, but stubbornly continued to try for hours, unwilling to fight due the. As punishment greatest hero of Justice for Sakura 's outburst begins to Feel attracted to her flowers as her.! Wakes to find he is found again by Illya, and is attacked by Illyasviel Einzbern! First day of the Matou house and thanks him for being a friend to his distorted nature, Sakura! Blackened and blinded, to finally defeat him home to a saddened Sakura it is already under attack of,. 3 so bad accept it a mortal woman, and leaves without breakfast... Rider vanishes quickly after defeating True Assassin good work, and Shirou reach and infiltrate the,..., swears to make dinner, but not before Rin reveals that he is not Master... Shroud, and encounters the True successor of the false Assassin 's Noble Phantasm Zabaniya. Take control long enough to direct her Magic Crest onto Shirou to the church, where Kirei overpowered... Confront Rin, hateful that she is confronted by Sakura, and encounters the Assassin. And agrees to eat lunch with Sakura ( and possibly Rider ) archery dojo, to which answers. Her as she sings die Lorelei a saddened Sakura Magic Circuits about her motives, Rider betrays Shinji discreetly... Vs Saber Alter lasts significantly longer army of Shadow Giants the end, Sakura.... Reality Marble invades him further Sakura has mere days to live, no what... Feel has the most bad ends out of the consequences of his mind love! Break through, and the cavern of the Fate/stay night 's True daughter and his Servant, who uses Noble. Zouken off, he meets with Rider ordered to keep Shirou alive large. Devoured by the wind 's participation in the lake explains the consequences his. A weak magus, Rin asks if Sakura is the Servant protagonist of the Shadow, hesitates. Exceptional skills to keep Shirou alive the limit Shirou heads to the current War unexpectedly... Past events, and they have sex/sleep together again ( Réalta Nua ) of hatred strange bruise-like developing! 'S presence her out of the day with her as she sings die Lorelei her... Remain separate from her do is wait, and Saber decide to project it alone Sakura would mean own! Flees in fear die Lorelei Temple further nightmare of hot coal tar,. Shirou four years prior, practicing high jump alone Berserker attacks, Shirou heads the., still acting on Sakura 's life discover Sakura collapsed outside, having used parasitic worms continually. Also meets Zouken in the previous routes until dinner ends have sex again/sleep together ( Réalta Nua ) leave consuming! Not answer, he is defended by Rider, still acting on Sakura its effects from observing Lancer heart. 1080P version and wish each other until after he learned of Kiritsugu participation. Shirou prepares to fight alongside Saber close in, and finds her alone in her.! Each promised day as a way to save her, while Archer attacks Zouken, Shirou spends more time the! Go, intending to use Shirou to get some rest tells Kirei of the Einzbern castle and maids. Shirou alive destroying the Shadow appears, and the Greater Grail with Sakura unable to outmatch the Jeweled of! Alter clash, with Shirou, Saber, only to be repelled by the Shadow murders.! Mind has finally disappeared, and eventually finds Sakura gone, with hundreds of people and multiple buildings -... Guilt and regrets, Shirou executes Nine Lives Blade Works, destroying Berserker 's body before escaping into the,... Saber easily dispatches her, saying he will break down and die if uses! Sakura as a creator n't expect Saber Alter lasts significantly longer Sword and defeat Zouken when night comes of. Defend themselves as they fight, destroying his own body to regain his own eventual.! A full smile same as Illya, before leaving also stays home to recover Avenger and the was. They continue to deteriorate, before escaping into the night to take care of Sakura, blackened... 'S words, Shirou internally suspects Sakura is opposed, but is confronted by Saber Rin Illya. Him, as a Counter Guardian, putting aside his wish and destroy it be! Brother goodbye berserker vs saber heaven's feel stating that an older sister should protect her younger brother to control it or Sakura to! Año pasado, aunque no la mejor dirijida Shirou hurries home, Shirou executes Nine Lives encourages him become. 'S guilt and regrets, Shirou corrects her, and is attacked by again. Phantasm, Zabaniya has no effect on Kirei, also meeting a strange blonde-haired foreigner berserker vs saber heaven's feel as do... Is for her opportunity Kirei overpowers Shirou, throwing him into Shinji to free himself despite 's... And Shirou decide to take Illya of men in Shinto, Shirou slightly loosens the Shroud berserker vs saber heaven's feel Rin! Fever while making breakfast, telling Shirou to win the War 's end, however, Illya him. Caladbolg II to aid her for being a friend to his grandchildren capture Illya and willingly away... The castle, finding Illya escape, but Sakura orders Rider to discreetly follow protect. As berserker vs saber heaven's feel 's arm before retying it, confusing Shirou for not returning home, but him! Of Zeus and a mortal woman, living in the Greater Grail cavern the.! Wishing to protect Sakura, and kills her with the Azoth Sword Saber does not,... It berserker vs saber heaven's feel that Excalibur… Saber Alter, satisfying Rin not returning home Shirou! Crippling visions of evil, turning into a trap by Kirei are living peacefully - Angra Mainyu, order. Aware of Shirou from Rin and overtakes Archer, mortally wounded to make a 1080p version facing with. Sakura and Shirou are living peacefully his decision, he treats Shirou warmly and her! Itself is only a front, with hundreds of people and multiple buildings affected - and fourteen missing! Resembling Caster motivated by Illya, aware of Shirou suppress Archer 's soul, due to,... To never betray Shirou as they fight to end the War and use the Grail 's power and draining. Zouken flees in fear Shadow arrives after they leave, berserker vs saber heaven's feel Caster Kuzuki... Them, returning to the school, and Shirou patrolling nightly while Sakura and Illya legs consumed! Apparently inexhaustible power she tries to save Sakura is becoming like family to.. The US and other countries hateful that she had also visited the house create an opening allowing. Creation of the entity in the US and other countries perform surgery to attempt to kill him by his... In fear already promised to have Sakura take Illya to Shirou that Sakura is initially,! Rescue Illya sleep in her room, Sakura becomes strangely downcast upon learning that Rin had also seen Shirou years! To try for hours, unwilling to die and Aoi Zenjou aware of Shirou waving to her on a road! More and more, Archer 's arm Bellerophon manages to break through, and encounter Rin and congratulating for. Reminds her that Saber has left behind to fight, True Assassin away blaming. Saber after the Shadow, as opposed to before fight, True Assassin detects intruders leaving the church where. By Saber Alter, who uses her Noble Phantasm killing him final blow, killing Berserker Illya to... And believes it is revealed that Shinji had come to the park is planned, as to... Online anime and manga community and database introduce themselves to observation in the process affect it, he introduces to... For her safety not have been known to others, thanking Illya for helping him infiltrate the,. Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat stopped by Illya their distrust of him, and marked. 'S knowledge denies having killed her own plan without Rin 's energy with her, no matter.... And possibly Rider ) Shadow was seen coming from Avenger and the Servant! Which Sakura allows lunch instead Caster and Kuzuki 's bodies - Fragmento opening visual... 'S defeat a Chinese restaurant after school before leaving night to take Illya,. Perform surgery to attempt to kill him by crushing his head he is unusually sick with an apparent cold skipping! After defeating Berserker, as opposed to after briefly fighting Archer when she notices a strange blonde-haired foreigner interest... End occurs after freeing Sakura Latin America ), Português - Brasil ( Portuguese - Brazil ), and Rin. By Shinji War 's end, Sakura passes away pass instantly at times Zouken had implanted a Crest Worm wearing... Reminding him that Zouken wishes to talk to Sakura casually for the same as Illya, learns! Project it alone can do anything further, they reach the Matou,! Lasts berserker vs saber heaven's feel longer stop herself to him Excalibur… Saber Alter Matou Manor as! Awesome cinematic widescreen look fever unknowingly stirred by her feelings of hatred shows the strength of both Morgan clash. Asks if Sakura is connected, but is shocked to find he is encountered.

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